Qualification and criteria for the membership of the organizations in the Network
  1. Any organization, registered as a Non- governmental Organization and working on the sector of preventing gender based violence or child marriage by organizing various programs, awareness study for minimum three years can be the member of the Network. To be the member, the organization should submit the application as per the required by the Network attaching the certificate of the program organized, the photocopy of the certificate of the registration of the organization; renew documents of the organization, and the signature paper of the executive board from the organization ready to accept the terms and conditions of the Network.
  2. The member non-governmental organization shall follow the rules, regulation and policies prescribed by ‘The National Network to End Child Marriage’, 2068.
  3. The non-governmental organizations who have founders or provided their signature in the directives are not concerned whatsoever mentioned in (a) above.
Procedure of getting membership and paying membership fees

The submitted application will be looked after or will be investigated by the committee, then the membership shall be provided. The member organization shall pay the membership fees Rs. 5000 in the provided time schedule. And, renew fee Rs. 2000 needs to be provided every year by the end of Chaitra (i.e. 12/13 April) shall be provided to the Network office.