Human Rights and Environment Development Center (HURENDEC) is Non- governmental, Non- political and youth lead organization. It is established in 2050 B.S. with the initiation of local social developmental activist in Udayapur. It is registered in the Chief District Administrative office Udayapur.

HURENDEC is leading organization in eastern development region of Nepal and it has leadership role in Udayapur district. It has played crucial role in ten years long armed conflict and insurgency period for human rights protection, peace building, promotion of good governance and conflict transformation process. It has initiated to harmonize local issues in order to build national policy with the close participation of local people. It has formed a network of civil society organizations accompanying with many local leaders for advocating for national peace and Constituent Assembly election after the second people’s movement. It continuously advocate for minority people and women’s right activities to uplift the status of rural women facilitating to create employment opportunities and social wellbeing.