Child Welfare Society (CWS)Child Welfare Society (CWS) is a non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization. Since its inception in August 1991, it has been working being focused and dedicated to children, youth and women. By its name, it has been serving to children and family welfare through the service to children.


Through the intervention of CWS in Makawanpur duty bearers like community, local bodies and school management committee have been found to be actively playing their roles to promote and protect child rights. Community committee for children resource centres management has been organized, including the representatives from CPC and TLO. The local body, i.e. municipality has formed a committee for monitoring and promoting child rights. Moreover, the community, including guardians and employers have gradually changed the issue of child labour from the socially accepted into zero tolerance.

In the sector of child marriage also CWS has been organizing different programs and activities like orientation programs to the adolescent groups, school students, guardians and community people against child marriage and negative consequences of child marriage. The people have been sensitized on child marriage through cultural programs, street drama and day celebration too.


From the very beginning, CWS has conducted child centred activities such as home stays home, self-employment oriented trainings for aged working children. CWS has adopted a Child cantered approach to development. It has implemented a large number of programs for child welfare in collaboration with various district level and community level line agencies, i.e.; GOs, INGOs, CBOs and NGOs.