Founder Members in Nepal

The founding members of the national network are: Aamaa Milan Kendra (AMK), CREHPA, CWIN, Child Welfare Society (CWS), Janaki Mahila Jagaran Samaj (JWAS), Samrakshaksha Samuha Nepal (SASANE) and Society for Local Integrated Development Nepal (SOLID Nepal). Its Secretariat is based at SOLID Nepal.

The member organizations of the GNB National Network Nepal (Balika Dulahi Hoinan) have immense professional experiences in implementing community based action programs, research and advocacy/BCC activities. The founder members of GNB-N are:

amkAamaa Milan Kendra (AMK) works for the empowerment of girls and women through advocacy and training programs on Sexual Reproductive Health & rights and gender based violence using the community based framework which mobilizes young people as well.


crehpaCREHPA undertakes policy relevant research studies on sexual and reproductive health of women and girls, GBV and utilize the research based evidence for advocacy to influence policy.


cwsChild Welfare Society (CWS) sensitizes people that lasting change requires local leaders and communities to condemn child marriage and empowers girls in efforts to end the practice.


cwinCWIN is a pioneer child rights organization and empowers girls so that they are able to resist child marriage and become agents of change. It also sensitizes various stakeholders at different levels on harmful effects of child marriage and conducts campaigns to end it and lobbies for policy change and its implementation besides, it rescues the children affected by child marriage and provides psychosocial, shelter and social reintegration support.


jwasJanaki Women Awareness Society (JWAS) conducts girl child marriage related awareness activities in every right based and development projects as a cross cutting issues.



sasaneSamrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE)‘s strengths and the role are to increase women and girls’ access to justice and achieve systemic change within the legal system. SASANE has adopted a rights-based approach to break cycles of exploitation and victimisation and address the conditions facilitating the recent increase in human trafficking and the explosive growth of Nepal’s night entertainment sector.


solid nepalSOLID Nepal works with and by young people to improve their sexual and reproductive health, thereby, to trail safe passages to adulthood. Similarly, recognizing child marriage as a bottle-neck for health and development, for an example, it works with its stakeholders to end child marriage through research, advocacy and social mobilization in an integrated manner.


There are many activities implemented in the communities to end child marriage. The child marriage itself is a multifaceted problem, requires a multi-sectoral interventions. The GNB partners have different experiences and learning. Among the best practices, empowering young people is a key to end child marriage.