My name is Pabitra (name changed). I am 17 years old and newly married. I live in Nuwakot. My maternal home is in Lalitpur. I have completed Grade 12. I have 2 sisters and one brother. My father works at beer factory. My mother is a housewife.

It’s been 2 month of my viagra from india marriage. My husband is 19 years old. We had love marriage. We were in love for 2 years ago and got married. I used to go college and my husband was working as micro-bus staff (conductor). We fall in love with each other at that time but our family denied for our marriage. They were against of our marriage at first. One day I went to my aunt’s home to meet her and at the same time my husband went to his home Nuwakot but there was a rumor in my family that I had eloped with him. That’s why our parents arranged our marriage in a proper way.

After our marriage, I persuaded my husband to leave his bus conductor job. He did so and now he got recruited in the national army and soon he will undergo military training. Now I am so happy and all of my in laws have good relationship with me. They think that my husband changed his job because of my insistence.   I don’t want to get pregnant for some years and until I complete my bachelor degree. We are currently using family planning method.

After my bachelor degree,  I plan to go abroad, may be in European countries. I was interested to become a police officer but since I am married now, I am not qualified for this job.